2017 Hurling Season Opener – Week One Recap

Just past noon on September 24th, 2017, players and fans started funneling onto the Greensward to see the city’s greatest display of hurling yet. Braving the 90° heat and taking on the challenge of the season’s first double-header, Memphis Made had a strong showing of nine players for the seven on seven match against Majestic Grille at 1PM and the agreed upon six on six match against Celtic Crossing at 2PM.

Memphis Made 3-7 (16) vs Majestic Grille 3-3 (12)

On the coin toss, Memphis Made team captain Eric Vick called tails and won the right to pick the starting field position. Picking the north side of the field, Memphis Made took to the field with Joshua Foster in goal, Danny Phillips and Graham Hillhouse in defense, Eric Vick and Spencer Cash in mid-field, and Kiel Johnson and Samuel Carolan in forward. Majestic Grille took the south side of the field with Dermot Murray in goal and Jesse Gammons in mid-field. Eric showed a strong first half with a total of one goal and four points. Majestic Grille had a strong showing from their forwards and midfielders being able to have a lot of success with crashing the net. In the first half  Austin Brown scored one goal, Andrew Smith scored a point, and Olivia Thomas scored a goal being assisted by Caleb Fowler. The first half ended tied with Memphis Made at 1-4 (7) to Majestic Grille’s 2-1 (7).

Half-time commenced and both teams got a quick pep talk from their captains while getting rehydrated and then headed back on the field. While Majestic Grille took several opportunities to change out their goalie, Memphis Made stuck with Josh for the last half. The game was as close as it could possibly be. An early goal by Gunner Smith put Majestic Grille in the lead, but Memphis Made wouldn’t stay down; Sam Carolan scored a point over the crossbar and Spencer followed that up with a quick goal to edge them just in the lead. Not to be outdone, Caleb Fowler scores a point for Majestic Grille. Just when things seemed like they were at a stalemate, Eric Vick scored a point, then a goal.

In the last five minutes of the last half of the match, Memphis Made was up by just four points on Majestic Grille. Jesse Gammons takes a sideline cut on the offensive side of midfield, getting the ball just in front of the net. A major scuffle involving both teams that could determine the entire game. Getting knocked down, Josh managed to stop the ball just in front of the net before the play being called. Memphis Made wasn’t in the clear yet, there would be a toss-in at their 45. Majestic Grille get ahold of the ball and from midfield, Jesse hammers the ball falling quickly to the goal but is smacked away by the Memphis Made goalie and out on the baseline by a defender. A chance at a 65 is given to Majestic Grille. Again, Jesse hammers the sliotar downfield but this time straight over the crossbar, too high to reach putting Majestic Grille within a goal to win the game. After finding time to run out the clock and score one more point, Memphis Made would ultimately end the game ahead by four points.


Majestic Grille3312
Memphis Made3716

Memphis Made 2-3 (9) vs Celtic Crossing 3-5 (14)

Memphis Made came back on the pitch after a short break on high spirits after their hard fought win. Both Eric Vick and Buck Morris agreed to play a six on six match. Celtic Crossing would have one substitute where Memphis Made would have three available. Joshua Foster was back in the net for Memphis Made and Celtic Crossing rotated players in and out of net. Celtic Crossing midfielder, Alex Turley showed his impeccable ability to catch anything within a 15 foot radius by receiving puck outs from the defense and scoring a total of three points in the first half. Melvin Purdy showed up the Memphis Made defense with his footwork by crashing the net and sinking one back. While working gas, Memphis Made worked hard to get Eric the ball converting one goal and one point. Spencer Cash also made a showing in the first half with a point. Memphis Made came off the field down one point. Memphis Made 1-2 (5) Celtic Crossing 1-3 (6).

Celtic Crossing came back on the pitch with even more energy than the first half, while just about every member of the Memphis Made team was still gassed after having already played a full hour in the heat. The Memphis Made defense suffered as just about every turn lead to the Celtic Crossing midfield and forwards gaining possession of the ball and managing to find a way to the net. In the handful of times Memphis Made was able to get a solid hold of the ball, Spencer Cash scored a point and Eric Vick goal were converted. In the end, Celtic Crossing was able to do the most with the second half. Dalton Miller was able to score two goals, Buck scored a point, and Tommy also scored a point. Celtic Crossing ended up ahead. Celtic Crossing 3-5 (14) Memphis Made 2-3 (9).


Memphis Made239
Celtic Crossing3514

These were two absolutely fantastic matches. Neither one seemed to get too out of hand of one-sided at any point in the game. If this is any kind of showing of the type of season we’ll be having, I already feel like it will be our greatest and most competitive season yet!