Introducing the Memphis GAA club’s new crest & colors!

After many tireless hours, local Memphis artist Devin Culpepper has created a new crest for the Memphis GAA club.
Held within a modern rendition of the traditional Celtic cross, the centerpiece displays fundamental Memphis symbols drawn from the city’s official seal: the steamboat, the white oak leaf, and the cotton boll. The steamboat symbolizes the transportation and economic value of the mighty Mississippi, the cotton boll represents the area’s most important historical commodity, while the white oak leaf represents the tree that covered the Memphis region, before the area was cleared to make way for our city.
The Gaelic football and hurling sticks corner the inner shield, while Memphis’s iconic bridge arches over it all. The primary colors of blue and yellow represent the city’s deep musical tradition as well as the grit and grind that our athletes are known for, while the white accents give the crest a sharp, clean aesthetic. While pictures speak a thousand words, this crest shouts “Up Memphis!” (or “Memphis Abú!” in Gaelic). I hope the thought of donning this crest side by side with you all elicits the same thunderous excitement in your hearts, as it does it mine.

On behalf of the entire Memphis GAA club board, I would like to thank Devin for her hard work on the new crest. If you would like to learn more about her work, please visit

Gaelic Football Spring Pub League Registration Now Open!

We’re delighted to announce our Spring 2017 Gaelic football co-ed pub league, which will run from March-May. In case you’re not familiar with the sport, it’s basically a cross between soccer and basketball (it’s actually older than either sport), so you can use your hands AND your feet to play. See the video below for a brief intro.

We’re expanding the Spring league to four teams (Brass Door, Celtic Crossing, Majestic Grille & Murphy’s Public House). Please click here to register.

Welcoming our new non-executive club board members

We’re delighted to announce that our club sponsors (Seamus Loftus from the Brass Door, DJ Naylor from the Celtic Crossing, Patrick Reilly from The Majestic Grille and Benny Carter from Murphy’s Public House) will be joining the board as non-executive members. Below is a photo of Patrick, DJ and Seamus, along wth Dermot Murray (Club Chairman) & Joshua Foster (Chief Technology Officer), at our club board & sponsors meeting on Thursday, January 26th at the Brass Door. We’re very excited to have such an esteemed group of local businessmen come on board to help us drive the club forward in 2017. Stay tuned for info about our upcoming Spring pub league. Slainte!