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Now that football season is over, what are you going to do with your Sunday afternoons? Come out and play a different type of “football” – Gaelic football that is! It’s a fun blend of football, soccer, and basketball skills. So you can use your hands AND your feet to play – see the video below for a brief intro.

Go to the signup page to register for our adult co-ed spring league (select the “Spring Gaelic Football” option). You can also “like” our Facebook page and/or join our Facebook group to see info on our upcoming practices and other club activities.

Hurling Across The USA

David Wogan, with the YouTube channel and Facebook page Play Hurling, has been working on a documentary called “Hurling Across The USA” where he traveled across the United States twice going from the west coast to the east coast and back, first through the south and then along I-40. In his travels, David came right through Memphis and asked us a few questions. Several board members gladly came out to talk about what they thought about the club’s future in our great city. We highly encourage all of our members and fans to watch the entire documentary to see all the other clubs. Our club’s highlight comes at 17:10 with Dermot Murray, Eric Vick and Joshua Foster.

2017 Hurling Season Opener – Week One Recap

Just past noon on September 24th, 2017, players and fans started funneling onto the Greensward to see the city’s greatest display of hurling yet. Braving the 90° heat and taking on the challenge of the season’s first double-header, Memphis Made had a strong showing of nine players for the seven on seven match against Majestic Grille at 1PM and the agreed upon six on six match against Celtic Crossing at 2PM.

Memphis Made 3-7 (16) vs Majestic Grille 3-3 (12)

On the coin toss, Memphis Made team captain Eric Vick called tails and won the right to pick the starting field position. Picking the north side of the field, Memphis Made took to the field with Joshua Foster in goal, Danny Phillips and Graham Hillhouse in defense, Eric Vick and Spencer Cash in mid-field, and Kiel Johnson and Samuel Carolan in forward. Majestic Grille took the south side of the field with Dermot Murray in goal and Jesse Gammons in mid-field. Eric showed a strong first half with a total of one goal and four points. Majestic Grille had a strong showing from their forwards and midfielders being able to have a lot of success with crashing the net. In the first half  Austin Brown scored one goal, Andrew Smith scored a point, and Olivia Thomas scored a goal being assisted by Caleb Fowler. The first half ended tied with Memphis Made at 1-4 (7) to Majestic Grille’s 2-1 (7).

Half-time commenced and both teams got a quick pep talk from their captains while getting rehydrated and then headed back on the field. While Majestic Grille took several opportunities to change out their goalie, Memphis Made stuck with Josh for the last half. The game was as close as it could possibly be. An early goal by Gunner Smith put Majestic Grille in the lead, but Memphis Made wouldn’t stay down; Sam Carolan scored a point over the crossbar and Spencer followed that up with a quick goal to edge them just in the lead. Not to be outdone, Caleb Fowler scores a point for Majestic Grille. Just when things seemed like they were at a stalemate, Eric Vick scored a point, then a goal.

In the last five minutes of the last half of the match, Memphis Made was up by just four points on Majestic Grille. Jesse Gammons takes a sideline cut on the offensive side of midfield, getting the ball just in front of the net. A major scuffle involving both teams that could determine the entire game. Getting knocked down, Josh managed to stop the ball just in front of the net before the play being called. Memphis Made wasn’t in the clear yet, there would be a toss-in at their 45. Majestic Grille get ahold of the ball and from midfield, Jesse hammers the ball falling quickly to the goal but is smacked away by the Memphis Made goalie and out on the baseline by a defender. A chance at a 65 is given to Majestic Grille. Again, Jesse hammers the sliotar downfield but this time straight over the crossbar, too high to reach putting Majestic Grille within a goal to win the game. After finding time to run out the clock and score one more point, Memphis Made would ultimately end the game ahead by four points.


Majestic Grille3312
Memphis Made3716

Memphis Made 2-3 (9) vs Celtic Crossing 3-5 (14)

Memphis Made came back on the pitch after a short break on high spirits after their hard fought win. Both Eric Vick and Buck Morris agreed to play a six on six match. Celtic Crossing would have one substitute where Memphis Made would have three available. Joshua Foster was back in the net for Memphis Made and Celtic Crossing rotated players in and out of net. Celtic Crossing midfielder, Alex Turley showed his impeccable ability to catch anything within a 15 foot radius by receiving puck outs from the defense and scoring a total of three points in the first half. Melvin Purdy showed up the Memphis Made defense with his footwork by crashing the net and sinking one back. While working gas, Memphis Made worked hard to get Eric the ball converting one goal and one point. Spencer Cash also made a showing in the first half with a point. Memphis Made came off the field down one point. Memphis Made 1-2 (5) Celtic Crossing 1-3 (6).

Celtic Crossing came back on the pitch with even more energy than the first half, while just about every member of the Memphis Made team was still gassed after having already played a full hour in the heat. The Memphis Made defense suffered as just about every turn lead to the Celtic Crossing midfield and forwards gaining possession of the ball and managing to find a way to the net. In the handful of times Memphis Made was able to get a solid hold of the ball, Spencer Cash scored a point and Eric Vick goal were converted. In the end, Celtic Crossing was able to do the most with the second half. Dalton Miller was able to score two goals, Buck scored a point, and Tommy also scored a point. Celtic Crossing ended up ahead. Celtic Crossing 3-5 (14) Memphis Made 2-3 (9).


Memphis Made239
Celtic Crossing3514

These were two absolutely fantastic matches. Neither one seemed to get too out of hand of one-sided at any point in the game. If this is any kind of showing of the type of season we’ll be having, I already feel like it will be our greatest and most competitive season yet!

Fall Hurling Pub League Registration Now Open!

We’re starting out Fall 2017 hurling co-ed pub league which will run from September to December. Considered to be the world’s fastest field sport, this fast paced, high scoring game uses a wide range of skills from baseball to soccer to score points. Everyone is welcome to come join in on the fun! See the video below for a brief introduction to the rules.

Season Recap – 2017 Gaelic Football League

The inaugural 2017 Memphis Gaelic football pub league was a roaring success. Over 40 players signed up to play for the four pub teams – Brass Door, Celtic Crossing, Majestic Grille and Murphy’s Public House.

From the outset, Brass Door, captained by CT native Liam Coyle was a formidable outfit, easily dispatching Majestic Grille, captained by Westmeath (Ireland) native Dermot Murray, in the opening round of matches on April 2nd. Celtic Crossing, captained by Belfast native Brendan Bennett, also laid down an early marker, beating Murphy’s captained by Dublin native Shane Keely. The momentum stayed with both teams in the next round of matches on April 9th, with Celtic Crossing easily defeating Majestic Grille, and Brass Door easily overcoming Murphy’s. And so after two weeks of play, it was starting to look like a two-horse race for the championship.

However things took an interesting turn in Week 3 (April 23rd), when the core CBU soccer team members of Celtic Crossing would seem to go missing for the rest of the season, thereby giving Brass Door a forfeit win over their nearest rivals. Majestic Grille had started to strengthen their roster with some fresh talent and as a result registered their first win against Murphy’s. The next round of games on May 7th saw perhaps the closest game of the season when Murphy’s took on a new-look Celtic Crossing (both teams having borrowed players) and ended with a 21-19 win for Celtic Crossing in the dying seconds of the games thanks to a mix-up in the Murphy’s defense and a very strong second half played by Celtic Crossing. In the other game, Brass Door scored the double over Majestic Grille, although the margin was only 4 points, compared to 13 in the opening round.

What turned out to be the final round of matches on May 14th saw forfeits in both matches due to a shortage of players for Celtic Crossing and Murphy’s, handing the wins to Majestic Grille and Brass Door, respectively. As a result, Brass Door was duly crowned champions. The teams still played a couple of lively pickup games to round out the season. The final standings for the season was as follows:

Spring Gaelic Football Pub League


Congratulations to Liam Coyle and Team Brass Door for a very well executed opening season. The team was well drilled by its team captain, and demonstrated the excellent recruitment efforts of Brass Door owner, Seamus Loftus.

We’ve decided to “hand out” a few awards to specifically bring to light some excellent players this season.

The Most Valuable Player goes to the player of the champion team that showed the most leadership in guiding their team to becoming the Champions. It should be no surprise that this season, that award will be given to Liam Coyle of team Brass Door for his absolutely expert ability to lead his team to victory. Although his season scores may not rank among the highest in the league, he managed to play an amazing defense and was able to move the ball to all his players.

The Highest Scoring Man goes to the man that scores the most goals and points in the season; it should be little surprise that this award goes to Brendan Bennett of team Celtic Crossing. Brendan almost certainly had a running for this award with his first game after scoring six goals and four points. He solidified his award in his second game when he scored an additional three goals. Although he wouldn’t get the chance to see another official game for the rest of the season, Brendan remained the top scoring man of the season.

The Highest Scoring Woman goes to the woman that scores the most goals and points in the season; with a stunning display in one of her last games before heading on a trip to Europe, Rachelle Cooper solidified her place for winning this award. Playing for Murphy’s Pub, Cooper managed to keep Celtic Crossing goaltender guessing at every instance possible as she sunk goal after goal. Cooper ended up with four goals in just one game!

The final award is the Rookie of the Season; this award goes to a player new to the Memphis Gaelic Athletic Association and the sport that shows an amazing ability to pick it up. Naturally, this award goes to Buck Morris of team Majestic Grille for his amazing ability to score points and goals. It would be an understatement to say that Buck “makes this sport look easy.” Having never played before and coming into the season late, Buck managed to score five goals in one of his first games! An amazing feat for even a veteran player and almost giving Brendan a run for his money.

Finally, a message about our inaugural Gaelic football season from our club Chairman, Dermot Murray:

On behalf of the entire Memphis GAA club, I would like to congratulate Brass Door for winning the inaugural Gaelic football season. Seamus and Liam did a great job recruiting and training their players – and the team spirit they instilled in their team carried through the entire season. Well done “Brassers”! On behalf of the Memphis GAA board, we would like to wish everyone safe travels this summer. We’re really excited to see how this club grows! Memphis Abú!”


Game Recap – Week Four

Celtic Crossing 4-9 (21) vs Murphy’s Pub 6-1 (19)

Sunday had a slow start with both Team Celtic Crossing and Team Murphy’s scrambling to find volunteers to make up for absent players. With both team captains attending the Beale Street Music Festival, temporary captains were elected to lead the teams in what would end up being one of the closest matches of the season so far. Ferran Espin elected to lead Team Murphy’s and Joshua Foster was selected to lead Team Celtic Crossing. Both captains elected to start as goalie to be able to have a better vantage of the entire pitch. The first half of the match saw Murphy’s gain a massive lead with Rachelle Cooper making a stunning four goals. At the half, both teams left the field with Murphy’s ahead by seven points and Celtic Crossing needing to find a way to make up the lost ground.

Back on the field, still gassed from the first half, Buck Morris, Eric “Viking” Vick, and Beaú Holland worked tirelessly to move the football up the field and start a relentless assault on the Murphy’s goal while Jay Allmon and Elizabeth Loggins helped keep the strikers from having an easy path to the goal. On the Murphy’s side, Tommy Schlather, Melvin Purdy, Joshua Gordon, and Rachelle Cooper tried to keep the pressure on the Celtic goal while Ferran worked to keep the ball moving forward. The highlight of the game happened just after time was called out to be just 30 seconds left and Celtic Crossing had just scored another point bringing the score up to Celtic Crossing 3-9 (18) to Murphy’s 6-1 (19). With Celtic Crossing’s Buck Morris and Beaú Holland hot on the tail of Muphy’s Melvin Purdy just ahead of the Murphy’s goal, Melvin tried to do a back-pass to Ferran to be launched down the field to end the game. The ball got just beyond Ferran’s reach and slowly rolled into the goal giving Celtic Crossing what would be their final goal needed to get ahead of Murphy’s for the first time all game. Ferran launched the ball downfield but in an unfortunate pass deflected by a Celtic player, the time just ran out before the ball had a chance to be put back into play by Murphy’s giving Celtic Crossing their hardest won game so far this season!

Brass Door 0-7 (7) vs Majestic Grille 1-0 (3)

Dermot Murray and the Majestic Grille team looked like they had finally figured out the secret to breaking through the Brass Door defense when new club member Charlie Fox scored a goal to gain an early lead. After the initial shock, Liam Coyle and the Brass Door team regrouped and started their slow climb back to the top. By the end of the half, the Brass Door team managed to score four points and Chris Smith was able to shut down the Majestic Grille offense preventing any more scores. Tommy Schlather, Eric Vick, and Buck Morris came back into the second half with a fire in their hearts to try and come back. Buck kept fighting hard to make plays but Chris’ lock-down defense was the key difference maker in this game. With Chris and the Brass Door team using their strong defense that we’re all so used to, their team was able to run plays down the field and grind out some well-deserved points through the uprights. The game ended with Patrick and Merrill scoring two points and Emily, Liam, and Cullen scoring one point each.

This week, we saw the closest games we have witnessed in the entire season. The sheer amount of Memphis spirit each team brought to the pitch was absolutely astounding. Seeing the progress all the teams have been able to make since the first week has been amazing. I personally can’t wait to see what we’re able to do as a club when we start heading to tournaments.

Rise of the Majestics – Game Recap – Week Three

This week, we got a taste of what the Majestic Grille team will be able to do with their new players, Buck Morris and Victoria Godwin. The Murphy’s team took to the pitch at a significant disadvantage with three of their players (Shane Keely, Ferran Espin, and Damien Klingberg) unable to take to the field. The Murphy’s team took volunteers and powered through the mud and rain to try and maintain to gain any ground possible. The Majestic Grille team was just far too strong for this undermanned team. Able to sub in a player, the Murphy’s team had no chance to catch their breath. The Majestics were relentless in their ability to apply pressure. In the end, the Murphy’s team was only able to four points (Joshua Gordon 0-1 and Zach Harrington 1-0) against the Majestic Grille’s impressive 31 points (see the event page for a full breakdown.)

In the second game the Celtic Crossing team was missing three of their star CBU players and decided to forfeit the match and play a scrimmage with volunteers from the Majestic Grille team, looking for some revenge from the past week. The Brass Door team was able to really stretch their legs and move their players throughout the pitch to keep the opposition confused and keep the ball moving. This strategy seemed to keep their opposition guessing and less able to get the ball to their star player, Brendan Bennett. The noncompetitive match ended Brass Door 3-6 (15) to Celtic Crossing 1-3 (6). It looks like we’ll just have to wait until later in the season when we can hopefully see these teams really meet on the field with their full entourage.

The current league standings are as follows…

2017 Spring Gaelic Football League


Opening Day Games – Recap Week 1

As the games began, it was already obvious that it was going to be a fantastic day for Gaelic football. Plenty of Memphians came out last Sunday to show their support for the Memphis GAA by cheering on their friends, family, and favorite Irish establishment.

Majestic Grille vs Brass Door

In the first game starting at 1PM we had Majestic Grille vs Brass Door with Shane Keely as the match referee. A solid display of teamwork, athleticism, and grit made by the Brass Door team led by Liam and Seamus. Brass Door definitely had the advantage, up one man on the field and two extra on the side line to sub in, they played a well-sustained match against Majestic Grille. Tommy Schlather of team Majestic Grille made excellent strides to get the ball down the field and keep Brass Door goalie, Tanner Lyday, on his toes. The Brass Door was at the most inspired by their ability to get the ball between it’s members and score through the uprights, hardly giving Dermot Murray a chance to block goals. Team Majestic Grille was hardly far from being able to catch up to Brass Door, but the final nail in the coffin came in the second half when Seamus Loftus came on to take a free kick and rocketed the ball in the goal in the game’s only goal.

In the end, Majestic Grille was just unable to take hold against the supreme tenacity of Brass Door. The game ended with Brass Door 1-11, Majestic Grille 0-1.


Majestic Grille011
Brass Door11114

Celtic Crossing vs Murphy’s

In the second game, both team Celtic Crossing and team Murphy’s took to the pitch down one man. Murphy’s couldn’t seem to get their footing in the first half, being blocked at every turn by Celtic Crossing goalie David Higgins. Brendan Bennett, Patrick Power, and Sean Rutter of team Celtic Crossing all showed their excellent football prowess by relentlessly being able to field the ball from the opposition and move right back into attacking. Brendan showed his experience early on when he intercepted a ball from a Murphy’s pass and managed to solo down the entire the pitch and sink a solid goal just past Murphy’s first half goalie, Melvin Purdy. Team Celtic Crossing really found it’s stride late in the last half after making a player rotation on the field allowing star players to take full advantage of their wide strides downfield. The first half ended with Murphy’s having an uphill battle in the second half.

Murphy’s took time in the break to regroup and formulate a new plan of attack. Ultimately deciding to move Melvin Purdy onto defense, Graham Hillhouse into the goal, and opting for a more defensive strategy, team Murphy’s managed to find a plan that kept the hill from turning into a mountain. Cheered on by their enthusiastic supporters, Murphy’s managed to start the second half very strong. Both Shane and Melvin managed to score a goal in the first minutes of the second half where Ferran Espin had several near misses on goal. In the midst of the second half of the game, team Celtic Crossing came across a unique strategy of a “forward defense” when Celtic Crossing’s Joshua Foster was able rebound quickly off kick outs from Murphy’s defenders. This change halted the strong momentum Murphy’s had managed to gain.

Ultimately, both teams ended the second half on a relative stand still where very few goals or points were able to be scored late in the second half. The game ended Celtic Crossing 11-8,Murphy’s 2-4.


Celtic Crossing11841

This season is just beginning and it is looking like it is going to be exciting to see how it unfolds. Next week the Murphy’s team will face off against Brass Door in the 1PM game and Celtic Crossing will see if they can continue strong against Majestic Grille in the 2PM game. Be sure to join us at the Fairground Youth Athletic Fields next Sunday (April 9th, 2017) for our next Gaelic football matches!

2017 Gaelic Football League Standings


Meet the Captains: Dermot Murray (Majestic Grille)

Club Chairman and Majestic Grille team captain, Dermot Murray

For our final installment of this season’s “Meet the Captains” series we sat down with Memphis GAA Club Chairman and Majestic Grille team captain, Dermot Murray. Let’s see what he has planned for this season!

How long have you played Gaelic football? Where did you play? And what was your favorite position?

“I was more of a hurler growing up, playing for Cullion Hurling Club, St. Finian’s Secondary School (Mullingar, County Westmeath) and the Westmeath Under-15 county team. But I did play Gaelic football with Shandonagh in Westmeath for a couple of seasons as a teenager, as well as in school (I wasn’t very good at it though). I always tended to play in the fullback line in both sports – probably because I can’t score for the life of me. I do like playing in the back-line so I can keep a close eye on how the rest of my team is doing.”

How do you plan to win the inaugural Memphis Gaelic football league?

“I plan to win the league by stacking my team with the best players & letting them do their thing. Only kidding! I do plan to have an evenly-balanced team of players and to quickly identify their best positions on the field so we can perform as a true team unit. And I think maroon/white is a winning color combination (it also happens to be the colors of my home club and county back home).”

Dermot in his element – with a hurley & sliotar

Why should anyone want to signup for your team?

“People should sign-up for my team because they’ll enjoy the experience, regardless of whether we win or lose. Plus I’ll buy pints for my teammates after every match we win, and I’ll see if Patrick & Deni at the Majestic Grille will lay on a free dinner if we win the league outright!”

Teamwork and pints – a killer combination for any season! We’ll have to see if Dermot can fly his county colors into the league finals and bring home another title for team Majestic Grille.

Thank you for joining us as we talked to Brendan, Liam, Shane, and Dermot. It looks like it is going to be an absolutely thrilling season! Don’t forget – for your best chance of joining your preferred team, be sure to sign up for the 2017 Gaelic Football Spring Pub League by Thursday, March 23rd. Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be posting this season’s team rosters and the games schedules in the next few days!

Meet the Captains: Shane Keely (Murphy’s Public House)

Murphy’s Team Captain, Shane Keely

Third in our “Meet the Captains” series is Murphy’s team captain, Shane Keely. Shane coaches soccer for Christian Brothers University and is a player for the Memphis City FC. An Ireland native, Shane picked up the sport of Gaelic football early in life and you can really see that experience play out on the field. Join us as we talk to Shane about his plans for the season.

How long have you played Gaelic football? Where did you play? And what was your favorite position?

“I played Gaelic football from about 5-18 years old (so 13 years). I played for St. Finian’s GAA club in Swords, County Dublin. My favorite position was right half forward or midfield.”

How do you plan to win the inaugural Memphis Gaelic football league?

“We plan on playing smooth silky sexy Dublin style of Gaelic football to win the league. Take your points and your goals will come haha!”

Why should anyone want to signup for your team?

Shane Keely holding the Sam Maguire Cup

“People should sign up for the Murphy’s team because we already have a lot of good recruits signed up and with Dublin being the current All Ireland Champions what better team to play for then the team in Blue! Everyone hates the Dubs and we all know everyone hates the best hahaha.”

We’ll have to see if Shane and team Murphy’s will be able to get the formula right and follow the lead of his native Dublin. Club sponsors Seamus Loftus (Brass Door) and DJ Naylor (Celtic Crossing) are both from County Mayo so I’m sure they are more than eager to get the chance to take the Memphis title as payback for the 2016 All Ireland Finals!

For your best chance of joining your preferred team, be sure to sign up for the 2017 Gaelic Football Spring Pub League by Thursday, March 23rd. Join us Wednesday when we talk to club chairman and Majestic Grille team captain Dermot Murray!

Meet the Captains: Liam Coyle (Brass Door)

Captain of the Brass Door team, Liam Coyle

Continuing with our “Meet the Captains” series, we sat down with our Gaelic Football Recruitment and Development Lead and Brass Door team captain, Liam Coyle. In the weeks leading up to the start of the season, you can see Liam using his vast wealth of knowledge of the sport to coach the Memphis GAA Gaelic football practices on Sundays.

How long have you played Gaelic football? Where did you play? And what was your favorite position?

“My father, who immigrated from Ireland as a young man, taught my four brothers and me to play Gaelic football from the moment we could walk. Growing up, I played for St. Patrick’s Gaelic Football Club in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Personally, I enjoy the added pressure of playing full back as it is the last line of defense before the goalie.”

How do you plan to win the inaugural Memphis Gaelic football league?

“I plan to win the league championship by ensuring that those who take the field by my side have an understanding of the importance of their participation in Gaelic football and all it means.”

Why should someone want to signup for your team?

“Because we will win! That being said, I encourage anyone interested to sign up for any team. While we may compete on the field, the sweat, blood, tears, and post-match pints that Gaelic football precipitates makes for a potent potion that induces inextricable bonds of friendship in all its participants.”

Liam is a great coach for everyone in the Memphis GAA and it looks like he may be an even better captain for the Brass Door team. Next we’ll be hearing from the Murphy’s Bar team captain, Shane Keely. If you want your greatest chances of joining Liam and team Brass Door on the pitch, be sure to sign up for the 2017 Spring Gaelic Football Pub League!

Meet the Captains: Brendan Bennett (Celtic Crossing)

Neil Cummings handing over captaincy of the Celtic Crossing team to Brendan Bennett

Neil Cummings (left) handing over captaincy of the Celtic Crossing team to Brendan Bennett (right)

To help players and spectators get ready for the season we thought we’d sit down with all the team captains and ask them about their plans for the season. Today, we sat down with Brendan Bennett, the newest captain of the league, to talk about his history with the sport and his plans for the season.

Brendan will be the captain for the Celtic Crossing  team this coming season.

How long have you played Gaelic football? Where did you play? And what was your favorite position?

“I started playing Gaelic football at the age of 15 after a few school friends persuaded me to join with them. I play for St. Teresa’s Gaelic Athletic Club in Belfast, County Antrim, and my favorite position is anywhere on the half forward line.”

How do you plan to win the inaugural Memphis Gaelic football league?

“I plan on playing it simple with the Celtic Crossing team, making the other teams do all the work chasing us around and then we will wear them down and take our points and steamroll them.”

Why should anyone want to signup for your team?

“People are here to win and enjoy themselves and with team Celtic Crossing’s tactics and attitude I feel we have best chance of taking the title this year. And with some potential spring signings coming up team Celtic is definitely the team to be on!”

It looks like Brendan will be looking to be a force to be reckoned with. Next we’ll be talking to Liam Coyle to see his strategy for The Brass Door team. Be sure to get signed up for the 2017 Spring Gaelic Football Pub League!

MemphisGAA – Now Online!

Hello, ladies and gents, and welcome to the Memphis Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club website.IMG_0347

As you can tell, the site is very bare right now and we’re in very early stages of development. Eventually, our plan is to use this website (in conjunction with our Facebook page) to post information on match schedules, match statistics and recaps, and team rosters, in addition to general news about the club. So please bookmark us and check back regularly for updates (or better still, join our Facebook group to stay updated and meet fellow club members online.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful club sponsors – The Brass Door, Celtic Crossing, The Majestic Grille, and Murphy’s Public House – for their support in helping get the club off the ground.

We’re going to start using the site to register players for our Spring 2017 joint hurling/Gaelic football spring league which will run from March through May. If you’re interested in signing up for the league (no previous experience necessary), please fill out your contact info below and we’ll let you know when registration is open.

On behalf of the Memphis GAA Club Board, we look forward to seeing you soon,

Dermot Murray (Chairman)
Jesse Gammons (Treasurer)
Lauren Higgins (Secretary)
Josh Foster (Chief Technology Officer)
Eric Vick (Hurling Player Development Lead)
Liam Coyle (Football Player Development Lead)