Game Recap – Week Four

Celtic Crossing 4-9 (21) vs Murphy’s Pub 6-1 (19)

Sunday had a slow start with both Team Celtic Crossing and Team Murphy’s scrambling to find volunteers to make up for absent players. With both team captains attending the Beale Street Music Festival, temporary captains were elected to lead the teams in what would end up being one of the closest matches of the season so far. Ferran Espin elected to lead Team Murphy’s and Joshua Foster was selected to lead Team Celtic Crossing. Both captains elected to start as goalie to be able to have a better vantage of the entire pitch. The first half of the match saw Murphy’s gain a massive lead with Rachelle Cooper making a stunning four goals. At the half, both teams left the field with Murphy’s ahead by seven points and Celtic Crossing needing to find a way to make up the lost ground.

Back on the field, still gassed from the first half, Buck Morris, Eric “Viking” Vick, and Beaú Holland worked tirelessly to move the football up the field and start a relentless assault on the Murphy’s goal while Jay Allmon and Elizabeth Loggins helped keep the strikers from having an easy path to the goal. On the Murphy’s side, Tommy Schlather, Melvin Purdy, Joshua Gordon, and Rachelle Cooper tried to keep the pressure on the Celtic goal while Ferran worked to keep the ball moving forward. The highlight of the game happened just after time was called out to be just 30 seconds left and Celtic Crossing had just scored another point bringing the score up to Celtic Crossing 3-9 (18) to Murphy’s 6-1 (19). With Celtic Crossing’s Buck Morris and Beaú Holland hot on the tail of Muphy’s Melvin Purdy just ahead of the Murphy’s goal, Melvin tried to do a back-pass to Ferran to be launched down the field to end the game. The ball got just beyond Ferran’s reach and slowly rolled into the goal giving Celtic Crossing what would be their final goal needed to get ahead of Murphy’s for the first time all game. Ferran launched the ball downfield but in an unfortunate pass deflected by a Celtic player, the time just ran out before the ball had a chance to be put back into play by Murphy’s giving Celtic Crossing their hardest won game so far this season!

Brass Door 0-7 (7) vs Majestic Grille 1-0 (3)

Dermot Murray and the Majestic Grille team looked like they had finally figured out the secret to breaking through the Brass Door defense when new club member Charlie Fox scored a goal to gain an early lead. After the initial shock, Liam Coyle and the Brass Door team regrouped and started their slow climb back to the top. By the end of the half, the Brass Door team managed to score four points and Chris Smith was able to shut down the Majestic Grille offense preventing any more scores. Tommy Schlather, Eric Vick, and Buck Morris came back into the second half with a fire in their hearts to try and come back. Buck kept fighting hard to make plays but Chris’ lock-down defense was the key difference maker in this game. With Chris and the Brass Door team using their strong defense that we’re all so used to, their team was able to run plays down the field and grind out some well-deserved points through the uprights. The game ended with Patrick and Merrill scoring two points and Emily, Liam, and Cullen scoring one point each.

This week, we saw the closest games we have witnessed in the entire season. The sheer amount of Memphis spirit each team brought to the pitch was absolutely astounding. Seeing the progress all the teams have been able to make since the first week has been amazing. I personally can’t wait to see what we’re able to do as a club when we start heading to tournaments.