Meet the Captains: Liam Coyle (Brass Door)

Captain of the Brass Door team, Liam Coyle

Continuing with our “Meet the Captains” series, we sat down with our Gaelic Football Recruitment and Development Lead and Brass Door team captain, Liam Coyle. In the weeks leading up to the start of the season, you can see Liam using his vast wealth of knowledge of the sport to coach the Memphis GAA Gaelic football practices on Sundays.

How long have you played Gaelic football? Where did you play? And what was your favorite position?

“My father, who immigrated from Ireland as a young man, taught my four brothers and me to play Gaelic football from the moment we could walk. Growing up, I played for St. Patrick’s Gaelic Football Club in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Personally, I enjoy the added pressure of playing full back as it is the last line of defense before the goalie.”

How do you plan to win the inaugural Memphis Gaelic football league?

“I plan to win the league championship by ensuring that those who take the field by my side have an understanding of the importance of their participation in Gaelic football and all it means.”

Why should someone want to signup for your team?

“Because we will win! That being said, I encourage anyone interested to sign up for any team. While we may compete on the field, the sweat, blood, tears, and post-match pints that Gaelic football precipitates makes for a potent potion that induces inextricable bonds of friendship in all its participants.”

Liam is a great coach for everyone in the Memphis GAA and it looks like he may be an even better captain for the Brass Door team. Next we’ll be hearing from the Murphy’s Bar team captain, Shane Keely. If you want your greatest chances of joining Liam and team Brass Door on the pitch, be sure to sign up for the 2017 Spring Gaelic Football Pub League!

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