Opening Day Games – Recap Week 1

As the games began, it was already obvious that it was going to be a fantastic day for Gaelic football. Plenty of Memphians came out last Sunday to show their support for the Memphis GAA by cheering on their friends, family, and favorite Irish establishment.

Majestic Grille vs Brass Door

In the first game starting at 1PM we had Majestic Grille vs Brass Door with Shane Keely as the match referee. A solid display of teamwork, athleticism, and grit made by the Brass Door team led by Liam and Seamus. Brass Door definitely had the advantage, up one man on the field and two extra on the side line to sub in, they played a well-sustained match against Majestic Grille. Tommy Schlather of team Majestic Grille made excellent strides to get the ball down the field and keep Brass Door goalie, Tanner Lyday, on his toes. The Brass Door was at the most inspired by their ability to get the ball between it’s members and score through the uprights, hardly giving Dermot Murray a chance to block goals. Team Majestic Grille was hardly far from being able to catch up to Brass Door, but the final nail in the coffin came in the second half when Seamus Loftus came on to take a free kick and rocketed the ball in the goal in the game’s only goal.

In the end, Majestic Grille was just unable to take hold against the supreme tenacity of Brass Door. The game ended with Brass Door 1-11, Majestic Grille 0-1.


Majestic Grille011
Brass Door11114

Celtic Crossing vs Murphy’s

In the second game, both team Celtic Crossing and team Murphy’s took to the pitch down one man. Murphy’s couldn’t seem to get their footing in the first half, being blocked at every turn by Celtic Crossing goalie David Higgins. Brendan Bennett, Patrick Power, and Sean Rutter of team Celtic Crossing all showed their excellent football prowess by relentlessly being able to field the ball from the opposition and move right back into attacking. Brendan showed his experience early on when he intercepted a ball from a Murphy’s pass and managed to solo down the entire the pitch and sink a solid goal just past Murphy’s first half goalie, Melvin Purdy. Team Celtic Crossing really found it’s stride late in the last half after making a player rotation on the field allowing star players to take full advantage of their wide strides downfield. The first half ended with Murphy’s having an uphill battle in the second half.

Murphy’s took time in the break to regroup and formulate a new plan of attack. Ultimately deciding to move Melvin Purdy onto defense, Graham Hillhouse into the goal, and opting for a more defensive strategy, team Murphy’s managed to find a plan that kept the hill from turning into a mountain. Cheered on by their enthusiastic supporters, Murphy’s managed to start the second half very strong. Both Shane and Melvin managed to score a goal in the first minutes of the second half where Ferran Espin had several near misses on goal. In the midst of the second half of the game, team Celtic Crossing came across a unique strategy of a “forward defense” when Celtic Crossing’s Joshua Foster was able rebound quickly off kick outs from Murphy’s defenders. This change halted the strong momentum Murphy’s had managed to gain.

Ultimately, both teams ended the second half on a relative stand still where very few goals or points were able to be scored late in the second half. The game ended Celtic Crossing 11-8,Murphy’s 2-4.


Celtic Crossing11841

This season is just beginning and it is looking like it is going to be exciting to see how it unfolds. Next week the Murphy’s team will face off against Brass Door in the 1PM game and Celtic Crossing will see if they can continue strong against Majestic Grille in the 2PM game. Be sure to join us at the Fairground Youth Athletic Fields next Sunday (April 9th, 2017) for our next Gaelic football matches!

2017 Gaelic Football League Standings