Rise of the Majestics – Game Recap – Week Three

This week, we got a taste of what the Majestic Grille team will be able to do with their new players, Buck Morris and Victoria Godwin. The Murphy’s team took to the pitch at a significant disadvantage with three of their players (Shane Keely, Ferran Espin, and Damien Klingberg) unable to take to the field. The Murphy’s team took volunteers and powered through the mud and rain to try and maintain to gain any ground possible. The Majestic Grille team was just far too strong for this undermanned team. Able to sub in a player, the Murphy’s team had no chance to catch their breath. The Majestics were relentless in their ability to apply pressure. In the end, the Murphy’s team was only able to four points (Joshua Gordon 0-1 and Zach Harrington 1-0) against the Majestic Grille’s impressive 31 points (see the event page for a full breakdown.)

In the second game the Celtic Crossing team was missing three of their star CBU players and decided to forfeit the match and play a scrimmage with volunteers from the Majestic Grille team, looking for some revenge from the past week. The Brass Door team was able to really stretch their legs and move their players throughout the pitch to keep the opposition confused and keep the ball moving. This strategy seemed to keep their opposition guessing and less able to get the ball to their star player, Brendan Bennett. The noncompetitive match ended Brass Door 3-6 (15) to Celtic Crossing 1-3 (6). It looks like we’ll just have to wait until later in the season when we can hopefully see these teams really meet on the field with their full entourage.

The current league standings are as follows…

2017 Spring Gaelic Football League